Do This In Order To Prepare Yourself To Play At A Blues Guitar Jam Session

by Antony Reynaert

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If you want to participate in a jam, there is some stuff you need to keep in mind. This definitely goes for the guitarists who are taken aback to be on stage for the real deal. However, many are a bit scared to go on stage. Guitarists who have been playing at blues jams for years even have to fight it out with their nerves from time to time. Yes they do, even if they play very well. In this article, we are going to discuss the fears you need to overcome and give the tips & tricks to become a great fellow jamming guitarist.

Accept Where You Are At With The Guitar And Believe In Yourself

Learning technical skills is essential when you begin your journey of guitar playing. Nevertheless, it is not the most significant thing in regard to having the spirit to play for people. The thing is that you don’t need to be a guitar wizard yet to be able to participate in a jam. In case you are still a beginner level guitarist and you can do some cool things with the minor pentatonic and play a couple of bluesy riffs, you are good to go.

There is other stuff causing why you don’t get on stage during a blues jam and that stuff has more importance than the stage of guitar learning you have reached. A great deal of guitar players don’t play with other people, because they think they haven’t been playing the guitar long enough and that, therefore, they are not good enough. A lot of guitar players think this way, but this is a conviction without a real foundation. Anywhere across the globe people make music together at jam sessions and they are not concerned about the level they are at. They simply make music and they are having a great time doing it. That’s the essence of music, isn’t it? Having a good time and utter your feelings while being musically involved with several people. I can tell you, it is a great experience.

Thinking that you have to improve your skills before being involved in a jam will actually never change. There is always space to improve and you will always want to be a better guitarist. You will simply never think that you have achieved what you want on the guitar, as you will always be hungry for more. In addition, you are going to keep trying to measure up to guitar players who are currently better. Even that behavior does not change. With this in the back of your mind, you should stop thinking and start doing, so you find the courage to get up on that stage. What you can do first of all is gain some knowledge about what to train in order to start playing confidently at a jam.

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About The Author:

Antony Reynaert is a blues guitarist and instructor teaching online blues guitar lessons as well as in his country of residence Belgium.

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